HOPCOSPORTS: Home for custom fantasy & team jerseys, Football Team Special:Uniform Super Bowl Sale: 2 Custom Sublimated Warrior Jerseys and No Fly Pants - $100.00ea (min order 25 uniforms) deadline: 15 Feb 2018.  Email ezhop7@usa.net for details

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Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale:

All jersey and uniform sales are made upon the following conditions: HOPCO SPORTS will match colors as close as possible but we cannot guarantee perfect matching do to color contrast in fabrics. Slight variations may occur in the finished logos, lettering and coloring. HOPCO SPORTS will inspect all items for defects, blemishes, and incorrect sewing etc. The customer has two days upon receipt of product to identify any mistakes on order and notify Hopco Sports at ezhop7@usa.net. Blank jerseys can be returned within 3 days of receipt with a 20% restocking fee. Hopco Sports will work with customer to resolve any issues concerning apparel to include replacement of apparel, logos or numbers. For custom jersey/uniform orders Customers must submit all logos in a jpeg, gif, or png format, customer must submit correct spelling of names and players numbers at time of order and specify the specific colors within the logo and on jersey/ uniform before or upon submission of order. Custom apparel (shirts, pants,shorts, and hats etc.) are not returnable or exchangeable if customer submitted any information to include but not limitied to: wrong size/color / logo pattern / logo size or number or did not specify the exact material to be used for the construction of jersey or logos. Disclaimer: Customer is responsible for logo design unless agree otherwise, Customers also agrees to allow HOPCOSPORTS to use finished products: jerseys, hats, and other apparel items in website and print promotions of HopcoSports. Hopco Sports will not resell customers logos without expressed permission either written or electronic.











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